L M Lawyers – Abogados en Valencia

L M Lawyers – Abogados en Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Abogados en Valencia

We are a law firm specializing in Immigration Law and legal services for Expats & foreigners in the Valencia Community region. Golden Visas & Property, Non Lucrative Visas, Residency, Residency as Family Member of EU citizens, UK Residency, etc. Our international multicultural team are professionals in varios disciplines and as foreigners understand from personal experience how tricky it can be in Spain and how best to help you.

Somos un despacho de Abogados Especializados en Derecho de Extranjería que presta sus Servicios Jurídicos en la Comunidad Valenciana. Nuestro equipo de profesionales internacionales y multiculturales que combinan experiencia en varias disciplinas y como somos extranjeros entendemos por experiencia personal.


Client Experience – 4.9

Website – 3.3

Free consultation/Price Transparency – 1.0

Multi-language – 5.0

Social media – 4.0

Expertise – 5.0

Overall score – 3.7 out of 5




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