9 easy ways to create happy clients

9 easy ways to create happy clients

How to create happy clients:

  1. Communicate regularly with clients including notifying them of any developments and updates, even when there are none.
  1. Clearly explain things to clients including legal terms and processes that may be well known to lawyers but alien to most clients.
  1. Seek feedback from clients that demonstrates they have understood what is happening.
  1. Establish management systems and support staff that provide timely responses to client enquiries and complaints.
  1. Inform your client of any increases in costs.
  1. Keep all matters confidential and refuse to act on another matter where it may compromise client confidentiality.
  1. Provide an itemised bill clearly showing the work performed and amount charged.
  1. Establish expectations early and continuously throughout the matter.
  1. List and prioritise key matter dates and events.

Happy clients, Happy lawyers – Inglés para la vida real del abogado: https://educaciondigital.es/happy-clients-happy-lawyers/

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