The benefits of a free/low cost law consultation

The benefits of a free/low cost law consultation

Free or low cost initial consultations are definitely worth pursuing as they are the equivalent of “test driving” a lawyer.

A law consultation is an initial meeting with a lawyer that allows you to discuss your case and their approach before you decide to hire them to represent you. Many lawyers offer free or low cost legal consultations for prospective clients, which gives you a chance to explore your options. 

The main benefits of a free/low cost consultation are:

  1. You can assess the lawyer before hiring them;
  2. It allows the lawyer to determine if they can help you in your particular legal matter;
  3. You can find out about future fees;
  4. You can get a second opinion;
  5. You can decide whether your case is worth pursuing.

For more information about free legal advice, visit the Citizens Advice Bureau Spain at

For information on what is the difference between Legal information vs Legal advice, visit this article:

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