Why client reviews matter for your law firm.

Why client reviews matter for your law firm.

Client reviews are one of the most important areas you need to pay attention to when running a law firm.

Clients have traditionally relied on their friends and families for recommendations. In today’s world clients are leaning more and more on the online community to help make these day-to-day decisions. Review sites like Google and Facebook have made it easy for people to share their thoughts about the quality of service, advice, and the overall client experience. This has created transparency that did not previously exist, and has created a more level playing field between the lawyer and the client.

If you have any doubts have a look at these Google review statistics: https://woosuite.com/stats/google-reviews/

Did you know?

  • 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 89% of people will not act until they read reviews.
  • 15% of people do not trust a business without reviews.
  • More than four negative reviews about a service or product may decrease sales by 70%.
  • 73% of people do not trust reviews older than a month. They do not care how good your service/product was in the past.
  • Only 6% of people do not trust consumer reviews at all.
  • Google accounts for 57.5% of all reviews worldwide.
  • Best-selling products or services have a rating of between 4.2-4.7.
  • A business has an average of 39 Google reviews.
  • 86% of people would consider writing a review for a business.
  • 30% of people feel positive about a business that responds to online reviews.

Client reviews are important because they help showcase your law firm’s reputation, they increase clients and improve search rankings for your law firm’s website.

A person is more likely to choose your law firm or a specific lawyer at your law firm if they read a positive customer review that assures them that it’s a good decision. Social proof has a major impact on people’s spending nature and is often a driving force behind someone choosing your business over a competitor.

For more interesting information about why client reviews matter, visit The Lawyerist: https://lawyerist.com/law-firm-marketing/client-reviews-reputation/

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