Top tips in choosing a Lawyer

Top tips in choosing a Lawyer

Choosing a Lawyer, Notary or Procurator is like choosing any other product or service. It is best to do thorough research to help you make an informed decision.

Here is our checklist of factors to consider when making that decision:

  1. Read their client reviews. What do previous clients say about them?
  2. Has the lawyer taken the time to reply to the reviews, and how have they responded?
  3. How easy was it to contact the lawyer? Is their website user friendly?
  4. How promptly did the lawyer respond to your query?
  5. Did you get to speak to the lawyer directly, or to a secretary/receptionist?
  6. Was the lawyer friendly and helpful? Trust your instinct.
  7. Did the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
  8. Did you trust the lawyer? Was he/she telling you only what you wanted to hear, or were they straightforward and honest?
  9. Would you feel comfortable sharing personal or sensitive information with the lawyer?
  10. Does the lawyer offer a free or reduced rate consultation? It is always a good idea to meet the lawyer before deciding.
  11. How transparent was the lawyer and their website about fees? Are they clear and transparent?
  12. Can the lawyer give you a straightforward answer as to how much your case will cost and confirm it in writing?
  13. Has the lawyer handled a similar case to yours, and what was the result?
  14. Does the lawyer have any special skills or certifications?
  15. Does the lawyer have a formal complaints procedure?
  16. Does the lawyer have professional indemnity insurance?
  17. Who will be working on your case on a day-to-day basis?
  18. How and when will the lawyer keep you informed of developments in your case?

Choosing the best lawyer for your needs can sometimes be a difficult task, but if you have done a bit of research and know what questions to ask, the stress of the process can be greatly reduced. Just remember, whatever the issue, your lawyer is there to help you and that should be reflected in the quality of their service.


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