What are Lawbots?

What are Lawbots?

Lawbots are a time-saving automation tool that are hosted on a law firm website and available 24/7. There are simple and complex lawbots. But all lawbots help visitors find information on a website or direct them to the appropriate contact. As lawbots direct website visitors to the right person, they also send a summary of the visitor’s questions and any additional information (like contact details).

Lawbots can help create an even better client-centred experience for potential new clients with automated, instant responses.

Benefits of lawbots for lawyers

Save time and money with automation

With lawbots, lawyers do not need to spend their time answering simple client questions. By automating these easy, but time-consuming tasks, lawyers can focus on completing more billable work.

Improve efficiency and profitability

Lawyers can also program lawbots to perform client intake and book legal consultations. Instead of having a lawyer take a prospective client call and going back and forth with a potential client, a lawbot streamlines this client intake process.

Stand out from the competition

When experiencing a legal problem, clients usually reach out to more than one law firm to see which one best meets their needs. Lawbots help lawyers stand out from the competition by providing quick answers. Also, with automated booking, clients can get instant responses instead of waiting for an actual person to respond.

Provide a better client-centred experience

Lawbots can provide a holistic, client-centred experience beyond being the first contact with potential clients. Also, lawbots can retain information on returning clients.

In the past, lawyers inevitably had to sit down and work their way through tedious paperwork and answering the same questions repeatedly. Thanks to the rise of new technology like Lawbots, lawyers can focus on what matters most—helping and advising their clients.

For more information on this topic have a look at this interesting article from Forbes “Live Chat and Chatobots for Lawyers” – https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2022/08/01/live-chat-and-chatbots-for-lawyers/?sh=101c38f54e36

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