What is the role of a Lawyer?

What is the role of a Lawyer?

The role of a Lawyer is to:

  • give you legal advice
  • tell you what your legal rights are
  • help you resolve your problem
  • represent you in a Court or Tribunal

At your first appointment, your lawyer should make you aware of: 

  • the likely cost of the case 
  • how they will charge for their service 

Your lawyer must keep you updated on costs throughout your case and give you a clear bill detailing the work completed and the amount charged. 


Before you meet your lawyer, you should: 

  • ask if you need to bring any documents 
  • prepare a list of questions you want to ask 
  • tell them if you are bringing someone with you to the meeting 
  • tell them if you have a disability and need a reasonable adjustment 

During the meeting your lawyer should: 

  • ask you to explain why you want legal advice and what you hope to achieve 
  • ask about the issues you know, or think, are involved 
  • explain the ways you can proceed and their advantages and disadvantages 
  • make you aware of the cost and time involved in your case 
  • refer you to a specialist for areas outside their knowledge 
  • identify what should be addressed urgently and any further documentation they need 
  • tell you what the next steps are, if applicable

After the meeting

If you have asked the lawyer to act for you, they should follow up the meeting with a letter or email which should contain the following:

  • confirmation of your instructions
  • the issues discussed in the meeting and next steps 
  • who will be dealing with your case on a day to day basis 
  • the estimated cost, agreed spending limit (if any) and timings 
  • details of professional indemnity insurance and their complaints procedure.

You should always keep your Lawyer updated about any changes to your personal or financial circumstances that may affect your case. 

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