How lawyers should use social media

How lawyers should use social media

To keep your practice healthy, you need a steady stream of incoming clients. That means consistently getting the word out there about your practice, but no lawyer has endless hours to devote to marketing. Here is some good news; 35% of lawyers who use social media report getting clients from it. But it is important to know how to correctly use social media for lawyers.

Here are the 10 most important rules as to how lawyers should use social media to reap its benefits:

  1. Be real. To communicate your law firm’s brand effectively, you need to be authentic. Stay true to yourself.
  2. Use social media as a place to connect with your clients. Answer their questions, sell your legal talent and alleviate their fears.
  3. Keep it professional. Do not mix business with pleasure. A client is not interested in seeing you on a night out with your friends. Have one professional account for business, and another for your social and personal life.
  4. Do not try to build a presence on every social media platform. Choose the platforms your ideal clients use.
  5. Post regularly. You must be consistent to make waves. Consider outsourcing your social media efforts to an agency or working with a contractor who can help.
  6. Create educational and informative videos
  7. Respond to question and comments – social media provides you with a channel to build valuable connections between you as the lawyer, and future clients!
  8. Don’t use social to sell your services! Your social media accounts should not be an endless advertisement for your firm. Use social media to build an online community and reputation around your law firm. Give your target audience a reason to follow and engage with you by posting interesting and entertaining legal content.
  9. Interact! Don’t just automate your posts and then walk away. Comment, engage, share, and participate.
  10. Be patient. It takes time to grow a social following.

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