Spanish digital nomad Visa

Spanish digital nomad Visa

In November 2022, the Spanish parliament approved the Spanish digital nomad visa and fiscal regime for startups via a new law to come into effect at the start of 2023. The proposed legislation aims to open Spain up to new talent in all walks of the economy.

What Is The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa?

This visa is designed for non-resident individuals who wish to work remotely from Spain. It will facilitate the visa and residence permit applications and allow a stay of up to 5 years.

Which Nationality Is Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa For?

Any, but it’s mainly aimed at non-EEA nationals (British included) and Spaniards who have been out of Spain for at least five years.

Does The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa Have Tax Benefits?

Yes, this is one of the main attractions of the new visa. Holders would be eligible for a reduced rate of non-resident income tax. Instead of paying the usual rate of 25%, Spanish digital nomad visa holders would pay just 15% for up to four years.

Will The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa Include Family Members?

Yes, foreigners who get this new type of visa in Spain will be able to include close family members such as spouses and children in the visa provisions.

Which Dependents Can Come To Spain With Me On This Visa?

Your spouse or partner and children under 18. If you wish to bring children over 18 with you, you will need to prove they are financially dependent on you and do not have their own independent family. In the case of your parents, you must prove they’re in your care.

What Are The Current Requirements For The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa?

Foreigners from third-party countries (including the UK) may apply for this type of visa if they work for companies based outside Spain. Their work for Spanish companies may not exceed 20% of the total.

They must prove the following:

  • That they have worked remotely for at least a year.
  • That the work can be carried out remotely.
  • If they are under contract to a company, that they have had a professional relationship with the company for at least three months and that the company permits remote working.
  • If they are freelance, that they work with at least one company outside Spain and provide the terms and conditions of the remote work.

Alternatives to the Spanish digital nomad visa

The Spanish residence visa – This is a standard relocation visa, which entitles you to live in the nation for at least one year (but likely longer). It is a non-profit visa, which means you cannot take any form of paid work while you are making use of it.

The golden visa – This visa is open to any non-EU/non-EEA resident who is willing and able to make a substantial contribution to the Spanish economy. Under the conditions of this visa, you can invest in Spanish property or a Spanish company, you can put money in a Spanish bank, you can start a new business in Spain, or you can buy some Spanish debt.

If I already have a EU passport can I still apply for a Spanish digital nomad visa?

If you have an EU passport, you cannot apply for the Spainish digital nomad visa. That is because you have freedom of movement throughout the EU, and you are already able to live and work in Spain.

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